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We are devoted to building up and encouraging individuals who desire to gain a greater knowledge of the Bible as it applies to every aspect of human life.  God is not hiding from us.  He desires to fully reveal His character and nature to all who want to know Him.  The study of the Bible is important because it is God’s personal diary.  In it, the reader will discover all God's secrets.   Our ministry carries out the task of building up believers through seminars, training, writing and services.  Below, you will find a few examples of possible ministry opportunities. 

If you have an interest in developing your spiritual gifts, you have come to the right place.  We believe that after becoming recipients of God's life, it is important to become part of a team that is doing God's Will. You may choose to join one of three ministry teams.
The focus of this group is the Ministry of God's Word.  It includes three areas of service.  1) Introduce Christ 2) Disciple Christians and 3) Reform Culture.  There are multiple ways in which you may be able to participate.



The focus of this group is the Ministry of Helps. It includes becoming part of the team that provides support for the ministry of God's Word. This team focuses on 4 important areas.  1) Ushering  2) Kitchen  3) Maintenance and  4)  Benevolence.



The focus of this group is the Ministry of Administration.  In includes a plethora of services that support the ministry of God's Word such as 1) Finance 2) Directing Services 3) Women's Group 4) Men's Group 5) Youth Group  6) Children's Group and  7) Technology.
Other areas in development are 1) Audio Editing 2) Video Editing 3) Newsletter Writing 4) Publishing and 5) Webpage maintenance.
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