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Pastor's Bio

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. -  Alvin Toffler

     My name is Armando Rodriguez.  I am bi-literate and bi-lingual. My experience in ecclesiastical, business and educational arenas have provided me with skill sets that equip me to develop, implement, coordinate, market and monitor programs that promote our organization's vision. By God's grace, I am what I am. 

     As a pastor, I have had the opportunity to carry out the day to day operations of various churches as well as fulfill the responsibilities related to both TV and radio ministries.  I am familiar with audio/video productions and Desktop publishing. On various occasions, I have had the opportunity to set up computer labs in order to provide services to the community.  


    As an educator, I have worked as an administrator in elementary, middle and high school settings. I have also served as a teacher of English, Reading, Technology, Radio and Television programming.   I have been responsible for developing curriculum and providing professional development to educators in order to enhance engaging instruction in classrooms. I have also been involved in the creation of multiple programs for parents, students, as well as the faith-based and business communities.  I have also been an online teacher. 


     As a businessman, I have had the opportunity to carry out the day to day operations of several pharmaceutical companies.  I am highly organized, a hard worker, a fast learner and a team player. I have the ability to observe, analyze and streamline processes in order to improve productivity.  My 20 plus years of experience in administration, business, finance, personnel, marketing, communication and conflict resolution provide me with the necessary tools to serve you. 



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I currently live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife Teresa and two children. My wife is an educator and is currently an administrator at the High School level.  As pastors of CHBC, Teresa and I hope to be a blessing to you as we seek to carry out our God-given purpose.

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